Minimum Investment amount

50,000 - $200 is the Minimum Amount you can invest./p>

Are there any penalties for the early request of my funds?

All investments cannot be accessed until due date

How do I monitor my investment?

You can Monitor that on your User Dashboard after Signup.

I observed my name was wrongly spelt on my investment letter and account?

You can send am email to us….. to solve that.

Is the 20% rate guaranteed?

Yes its very well Guaranteed every 30days after Investing.

Do you have a referral plan?

Yes, you can join our affiliate program

How are you sure that this investment is safe?

Given our track record, experience and expertise, we ensure that our customers’ investments are invested with the utmost care.

would I get a document after Investing?

Yes, you will be given a Memorandum of understanding (MOU).

Can I Invest on behalf of a Friend or family member ?

No, its not accepted, this is to avoid Money Laundering.

Can I know your investors/managers?

No, Details of all investors and investment managers are highly confidential.

What is my invested money used for?

Your Invested funds are majorly in Agricultural produce and real estate.

How do I get my investment after 30 days?

Your investment is paid automatical into the bank details you put in ?

Is the investment firm registered ?

the investment firm is registered, you can always check under the CAC website.

Do you have an office we can visit ?

Yes we do! FUNAAB Alabata Road, Abeokuta , Ogun State , Nigeria.

can i invest from any country ?

Yes you can invest from any country by using any of our prefered payment method.

can I invest more than once on my dashboard ?

Yes you can invest more than once on your user dashboard!

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